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The Anome Ground Consolidators are completely biodegradable in their natural environment. After being dumped in bulk, they dissolve completely following adequate sedimentation. We supported our client by determining the biodegradability, improving the concepts’ efficiency and by reducing the cost price.

Sustainability at Pezy Group

In 2009, Pezy Group became the first innovation agency in the world to be certified with 11 Cradle-to-cradle consultants. Since then, sustainability has blossomed throughout the entire organization. We are at the forefront when it comes to knowledge relating to the application of bioplastics and recyclable materials. Our ambition to develop sustainable products has resulted in some inspiring products, such as the fully biodegradable Ground Consolidators (GCs).

Protection of waterways

Water currents often cause major problems through sedimentation. The GCs lend nature a helping hand without polluting the environment. The GCs are open frame elements that can be dumped in bulk. The products have the characteristic property that allows them to firmly intertwine after they are dumped, forming an open but spatial structure. This strong structure accelerates natural sedimentation which protects banks and river or sea beds.


The GCs are unique because they are completely biodegradable in their natural environment. They dissolve completely following adequate sedimentation – in other words, once their task has been completed. The natural bank is then strong enough to resist the river currents without further assistance.

We assisted Anome by determining the biodegradability and by reducing the cost price. We made the production process more efficient by replacing large components with a number of easily manufactured components, injection-moulded from biodegradable material.

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