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Adlens Eyewear makes it possible to manufacture and distribute glasses with prescription lenses in large numbers. Users can adjust the power of the lenses between -6 and +3 dioptre, making these glasses suitable for almost everyone. From concept creation to producing the soft tools for the injection moulding of the frame components, we did it all in-house.

An affordable alternative

These Adlens glasses are inexpensive to produce because they are manufactured entirely from plastic. They are even considered an affordable product for people in developing countries. Adlens eyewear can prove vital in a disaster situation: following the Tsunami in Japan in 2011, more than 40,000 pairs were distributed.

Intelligent collaboration

Adlens contributed to the project with their knowledge of optics and we contributed with our expertise in design, ergonomics, mechanical design and plastic technology. We contributed to the concept development of the product and did the engineering with focus on manufacturability. We also produced the soft tools for injection moulding of the frame components. The calculations for the fit of the glasses were made early in the design stage. Due to our in-house toolshop, product concepts for consumer research and release tests were delivered in an early stage of the project.

Award winning product

Adlens won the Asian Innovation Gold Award in 2011 and a Good Design Award from the Japan Institute of Design Promotion. It also collected other major awards, including ‘Best Consumer Product 2013’ .

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Adlens Adjustables

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