Experience music like never before

Assisting Plantronics in developing the Backbeat GO 3 bluetooth earbuds

Smoothly integrated

From ideation to pilot production of an all new docking system

A revolution in breast cancer screening

From sketch to market within just 12 months!

Tracking the Sun

Supporting SKF in the development of a solar tracking system

Enjoy fresh food every day

Successful co-creation from first concept to mass production

A new drink is ready to go!

From first design to the creation of a small series.

Better Food – Less Waste

a true example on how to develop products according to a lean start-up approach

A perfect tool to measure biological aging

Development of an innovative handheld age scanner

Equestrian accessory redefined

Product design and pilot production of a new best in class equestrian product

Blending smart design with maximum effectiveness

Creation of a new hero blender for Zelmer

Making Energy visible

Within 99 days, we created Aurum's corporate identity, product hardware, user interfaces, and apps under a unified, clear brand strategy

'The Solution' to guitar pedalboard troubles

Creation of a unique plug-‘n-play pedalboard for guitarists

Agribusiness in the age of smartphones

From first design to in-house tooling and small series production, we took care of the entire project.

Light weight champion

New application of plastics results in innovative and distinctive product

Personalize your 3D printed shaver

Supporting Philips in the design and engineering of a game changing innovation

Doing good made easy

Designing the latest member of Eneco’s growing energy saving product family

Inform, impress and inspire

Supporting Bosch in developing a breakthrought conferencing unit

When reliability can make the difference

Mechanical development of one of the latest SKF test rigs

Turning vision into visuals

Helping Zown in making choices in their proposition and the translation into an appealing corporate identity

Measuring every stroke

The ultimate tennis performance sensor

From metal to plastics

The switch from metal to plastics resulted in improved performance at vastly reduced cost

Best case scenario

Best volume to weight ratio thanks to a breakthrough shell manufacturing technique

Heat it up

Optimization of an industrial spiral oven for a wide range of products.

Reinventing the mobile charging experience

Helping Novelsys design and develop a demonstrator to raise funding on Kickstarter

Recommended by mothers

Philips Avent wanted to develop a breast pump that offered vastly improved user comfort, they called on Pezy Group to help

When safety really matters

Mechanical development of SKF bearing test equipment

LED by innovation

Supporting Philips in developing innovative lighting solutions

Creating the perfect sphere

Optically perfect thick walled spherical shape, possible due to a new variation on the injection blow molding process.

Under pressure

Development of the Solar Laminator for Crest Dutch Machinery in a lead time of only three weeks

Sleek and shiny

Supporting Philips by creating a technical feasible product architecture for a new high-end luminaire

Look around

Mechanical product development of different railway scanning solutions for Fugro Raildata


Ola Mini-Freezer: From first idea to delivery of 25 demonstrators in less than 4 months.

More than just a game

Development of a serious gaming demonstrator that works and feels like a real laparoscopic instrument.

Bye bye keys

Salto Clay: From first sketches till the delivery of finished products and brand within nine months

One size fits all

From concept creation to in-house tooling and injection moulding

Dissolve when the job has been done

Determining biodegradability of a product to promote natural sedimentation

Always keep track of your youngsters

Development of a demonstrator to help our client successfully through the startup funding phases

Beyond technology

Creating a design for the Comecer automated multidose injector system

Maximizing the navigated cycling experience

Creation of a screenless navigation concept and prototype

Go where no sensor has gone before

Xploring Wisemotes: From idea to end-product in less than 6 weeks

Optimizing cooling performance

Resulting in an optimal product design and set-up of all components

No time to waste From design to delivery of finished products within just four months

From design to delivery of finished products for Philips Lighting within four months

An Emergency Unit that speaks your language

Design of a universally recognizable emergency communications device

Intuitive access

Metro fare gates; facilitating easy entry and exit