Join the food saving revolution, support Quva on Kickstarter

Now available on Kickstarter; Quva, a revolutionary fully integrated vacuum device that delivers the best  performance for preserving food at home.  Quva is the first vacuum food saving device that is fully integrated in the kitchen countertop, making it easy to access, use and discreetly put away. In bringing their product idea to life, Quva Products worked closely together with Pezy Group.

“From the very first moment I started to develop my idea into a real product I have been working with Pezy Group.  Together we have defined the concept and developed the product and related accessories. As the development work is getting close to completion, we feel comfortable pre-selling our products via Kickstarter. Pezy has been our partner throughout this journey and will continue to be, until the production is fully up and running” – Erik Spelt, CEO Quva Products

 One of the great challenges in this project was making sure the Quva system fits seamlessly in every possible kitchen, both in design as well as in product development. The result is very good looking and extremely compact product that is easy to install; just drill a 4’’ hole and follow a simple six-step installation process. All you see is a 4.6” brushed steel disc.  Simply press the Quva and it pops up to allow you to access the vacuum system.

“It is a huge advantage to work on both design and engineering with one development partner.  At Pezy Group we had a small and dedicated project team that worked closely together with the Quva team and in the later stage also with the manufacturer.  This has allowed us to work extremely efficiently. Developing a new product is a journey with many uncertainties. One certainty that I have is that from a resource point of view this project could not have been better equipped than it is now. The Pezy team members have done an outstanding job and I believe that the Quva products will exceed consumers expectations” – Erik Spelt

The industrialization and manufacturing of the Quva systems is a very capital intensive matter. To produce and ships the first batch of products, Quva Products is launching a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. By supporting this campaign, backers can pre-order the Quva system at a discount and be the first to have it delivered to their homes.

To visit the Quva Kickstarter campaign; click here.

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