Pezy Group proud partner of the MARCH II project

‘Would we be willing to support a team of highly motivated students with the goal to design and build an exoskeleton for people with a spinal cord injury?’ That was a request we simply could not reject.

With great honour and a passion to help solve some last design challenges of the covers and the powerpack of the MARCH II exoskeleton, one of our product development experts had a useful consultancy session with the design team. These components are necessary to protect the electronics attached to the  skeleton frame, carry the contra-loads and also fulfill an aesthetic role. To make sure the covers and powerpack actually fulfills all three functions, a lot of attention was paid to the design and the production of these components.

At the moment of the start of our consultancy, the team already had a relatively clear concept on the table and thanks to our help, they were able to further optimize this concept. During the session, we looked at the things that had to be adjusted to make the product as strong and stiff as possible. Besides, we already looked a bit at production tolerances with the team. Together, we were able to finish the final product design.

After this, the team got help from 3D printer facility Materialise. For the production they used ‘Multi Jet Fusion’, a very innovative way of 3D-printing.

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