From waste to value: Pezy Group creates recycled tokens for Dutch festival

From 17-27 August, the Noorderzon festival will take place in Groningen. Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival Groningen is the somewhat curious combination of a cutting-edge international art festival and a large-scale summer fest for 135,000 visitors. In cooperation with Noorderzon, Biofutura, and P&P projects, Pezy Group has created a series of recycled tokens.

For years, the Noorderzon festival takes great care of sustainability by using PLA drinking cups instead of cups made of commodity plastics. After the last edition of the festival, the Noorderzon crew collected all used drinking cups. After thorough cleaning, the cups were processed to granulate to be used to manufacture this year’s consumption tokens. After designing the tokens and the creation of a multi-cavity mould at our in-house toolshop at Pezy Group Groningen, the manufacturing of 20,000 pieces started. A great example of turning waste into value!

For more information about the Noorderzon festival please visit the website.