Pezy Group participates in PolyCE circular economy programme

Did you know the electric and electronics sector is one of the most resource intensive industries? Only in Europe, the demand of fossil fuel plastics in this sector has reached 2.59 Megatons in 2013! The amount of energy needed to produce, use and recover these plastic electronics reached stunning heights and comes with large Green House Gas emissions. When an electric product reaches end-of-life, it is often disposed as general waste. Only in a very few cases products are being collected and handled separately to recycle plastics for new (low-end) purposes.

Poly CE circular economy programme
As part of the Horizon 2020 program for research and innovation, a consortium around the Fraunhofer institute initiated the PolyCE programme. This programme is set up to address advancements in the electronic waste value chain, in order to reduce waste generation and increase sustainable resource consumption. Currently, there are simply to many hurdles in the value chain from design, manufacturing, use and re-cycling plastics to make this successful.

Pezy Group and PolyCE
Pezy Group is at the forefront when it comes to knowledge relating to the application of bioplastics and recyclable materials. In 2009, Pezy Group became the first design consultancy in the world to be certified with 11 Cradle-to-cradle consultants. Since then, sustainability has blossomed throughout the entire organization. This is why the consortium approached Pezy Group with the question to participate to the PolyCE programme as expert in product design. Together with other participants, varying from international universities to material compounders and manufacturers like Philips, Pezy Group will dive into the electronic waste value chain to address different recycling enhancements.