Ticks-2-Go: From first idea to 60,000 products

The outdoors can be fun and healthy, but tick bites can cause serious health risks. Each year, more cases of Lyme disease are being diagnosed. That is why tick prevention and removal are essential.

Together with Tropicare, a leading specialist in safe and healthy travel, Pezy Group created the Ticks-2-Go. Starting with a briefing and clever design intent, we dove into the matter of tick removal and created a new concept, combining maximum ease-of-use with an attractive design. After a few iteration steps, the design was made ready for production and a dual cavity tool was created at our in-house tool shop. At the moment we are manufacturing 60,000 products, truly delivering on our promise to deliver solutions from first idea to sell-able end-products.

How to use the new Ticks-2-Go?

Find it out by watching the video below: