Design Verification Whitepaper

Getting one product to work is an art, getting to zero defects is a science.

Imagine, after two years of hard work, the product you have been working on finally reaches its final testing phase. You take a look at the requirements and notice the products should reach an operational lifetime of 100 hours. You pick six products from the production line and start a durability test. Five of the six products break down after 104 to 106 hours. However, the sixth one still functions after 200 hours! A success, you might think, as all products met the requirement. Unfortunately, following the rules of design verification, this results in some bad news for you…

Design verification
In the process from translating a customers’ need to the release of a robust manufacturing process many things can go wrong. One weak link has the potential to break the entire chain and cause major problems. This is why a profesional design verification process is of great importance.

At Pezy Group, design verification is embedded in our way of working. Often, the importance and complexity of this process is only truly recognized once the product has been launched successfully and within schedule.

To find out more about design verification and how Pezy Group uses it in their product development process, download the whitepaper. Feel free to contact us for more information.


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