Successful launch of the Eneco Warmtewinner

Friday October 14th Pezy Group joined the Eneco Warmtewinner roll-out party at the Inventum factory. After months of hard work the first mass produced products ready for shipment to consumers were presented at the party. The Eneco WarmteWinner allows consumers to save up to 60% on their gas bill. It re-uses heat from the air inside the house for the central heating system. wwpglaunch2

Pezy Group has supported Eneco and Inventum in the design and development of this unique product, the packaging and supported in the engineering process. The collaboration between Inventum, Eneco and Pezy Group has resulted in a high quality consumer product and the smallest model available today. More than 10,000 consumers signed up for a WarmteWinner during the pre-registration campaign. To celebrate the great results Pezy Group has awarded Inventum and Eneco with the annual Pezy Group Collaboration Award 2016. We feel extremely proud for the contribution that Pezy Group made to make this product ready for market launch.