Benefits of using 3D printed moulds

3D printed moulds enables fast and cost efficient production of TPE components.

3D printed moulds are an ideal step in-between 3D printed TPE components (non-functional), and series/mass production (high investment cost). It offers faster builds of a cavity set, providing designers and engineers products at less cost. 3D printed moulds are highly suitable for prototypes and demonstrators proving function as well as manufacturability.

The 3D printed mould above is an example of how Pezy Group used this prototyping method for a recent project. For a batch of demonstrators, the customer needed a small series of USB port covers. Pezy Group manufactured a universal mother mould in-house, in which the 3D printed moulds were inserted. Standardization of the insert moulds results in reduced lead time.

The cost of manufacturing the USB port covers was reduced by over 30% compared to using metal molds and significant time saving was achieved for the customer!

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