Pezy Group, the best-kept secret of the Brainport Region

This month, Eindhoven (NL) celebrated the future on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of Philips. To emphasize what Philips brought and still brings to the Brainport Eindhoven region, the magazine ‘Goeie zaken’ published the ‘Philips 125’ special; A jubilee magazine created together with partners, spin-offs, and spin-outs. In the magazine, Managing Director Pezy Group Eindhoven Rob van Helvoirt shares an inspiring story, titled ‘Pezy Group, the best kept secret of the Brainport Region.’

As first customer of Pezy Group in 1995, Philips stood at the cradle of the company founded in Groningen (NL). 21 years later, our company with more than a hundred specialists contributed to more than four hundred patents for dozens of customers. Curious about how this all turned out and what makes us unique in creating innovative solutions?  This and more can be read in the (Dutch) article. You can find an English translation below.

‘For consumer products, speed to market is essential. When you make innovation processes manageable within a short time, then you really add value.’ – Rob van Helvoirt




– English translation from original document above –

Pezy Group, the best-kept secret of the Brainport Region.

It’s no secret that many companies in the Eindhoven region arose together with, from or thanks to Philips. Also in other regions the multinational stood at the cradle of great companies, like Pezy Group. Founded on April 14, 1995, the first  project  of the design and engineering company was developing a shaving gel pump for the Philips Cool Skin shaver. 21 years later, the agency employs a hundred creative specialists and is mentioned in more than 400 patents. Several multinationals trust on Pezy Group’s solutions and way-of-working for many years. From offices in Amsterdam, Groningen, Houten, Singapore and Eindhoven, any business, large or small, can be supported in the design, development, testing and manufacturing of new products and applications. From the first idea to production release, translated into the credo: “a group of passionate specialists that accelerate your innovation by creating brands, products & equipment.”

“The art of developing for mass production is creating not only one product that works, but tens of millions that all work” according to Rob van Helvoirt, Managing Director of Pezy Group Eindhoven, the office that opened ten years ago. “To identify potential problems early and solve them before production begins, we possess all the necessary theoretical and practical resources in-house. For example an injection molding machine for the production of test series to monitor and validate the viability of new product concepts. Learn fast, fail cheap.  Our approach is lean and ensures that our proposition fit the needs of both multinationals and SMEs.”

Solving impossibilities

In short, Pezy Group creates innovative solutions and develops robust product designs by structurally identifying and solving uncertainties. This requires a special culture where, until the day of today, executive director and owner Henco Pezy is carefully building on. “Characteristic to our way-of-working is our people’s openness to discuss potential risks. This is especially important when quickly developing products that are new in their kind. Thus, even impossibilities can be solved. A great example is our contribution to the first Philips living color lamp, then new in its kind and actually not feasible because the technique to create a thick-walled, optically perfect, and pure transparent plastic sphere with a large undercut did not exist yet. Therefore, we invented and developed a new production technique and demonstrated in-house this technique was reproducible on a large scale. Then we contacted outside parties for manufacturing the production molds and guided the industrialization phase by creating specifications and by controlling of timing and quality. This way-of-working kept everything well planned and manageable, allowing us to guarantee the products to be delivered on time and at the agreed price.”

Innovation Accelerators

Since their first project for Philips in 1995,  a mechanical question, Pezy Group continued building on their success formula and gradually shifted to also supporting customers with business and user-insight aspects of projects. “While working for Philips, we obtained many other multinational customers,” Van Helvoirt explains. “Our mission for the coming years is to develop products that are new in their kind. We have proven that we have the capability to deliver on our promise, to get new products to market as quickly as possible. Thence our pay-off ‘innovation accelerators’. For consumer products, speed to market is essential. When you make innovation processes manageable within a short time, then you really add value.”

Knowledge and experience

Despite the impressive track record and projects for many multinational companies, SMEs and startups, Pezy Group’s presence in Eindhoven has not really been wide noticed. “We are often described as the best-kept secret of the region, but change is coming,” Van Helvoirt jokes. “We have a great proposition and can support much more companies with their next steps in product development. We have accumulated a large amount of knowledge and experience where our customers can benefit from. We have literally converted hundreds of patented ideas into robust designs, physical models and then to attractive, functional and manufacturable products. Especially the latter is of great importance to ensure mass production with zero defects. This is our key strength and we have everything in-house to make this happen.”